Seniors Housing PAC

ASHA Government Affairs Program

As the respected voice for the seniors housing industry, ASHA’s Government Affairs Team actively works to advance favorable policy positions in Congress. ASHA’s Government Affairs Team engages in efforts to educate Members of Congress about seniors housing on behalf of our owners/operators, residents and employees; as well as stands ready to influence key legislation that impacts our members such as tax reform, long term care financing, immigration reform, labor shortages, and housing finance reform and others. 

The ASHA Public Policy Committee, led by 2018 Chairman Jerry Frumm, Senior Lifestyle, is comprised of leaders in the industry who offer guidance, insight, and bring real-world experience to the table as policy initiatives are considered.

“ASHA is uniquely able to key in on issues impacting seniors and seniors housing and relate what we do in a positive manner. Seniors housing will play an important role in how care and services are delivered and ASHA can help ensure that our industry has a seat at the table as important government policies are made.” Jerold H. Frumm, Vice Chair and Chief Investment Officer, Senior Lifestyle


  • A federal political action committee sponsored by the American Seniors Housing Association
  • Funded entirely by voluntary contributions
  • Contributions go directly to support candidates seeking election to the U.S. House and U.S. Senate
  • SH PAC supports both Republicans and Democrats
  • SH PAC advocates for seniors housing residents, employees, owners and operators

By Supporting the SH PAC:

  • You ensure that the seniors housing industry has a strong and unified voice on federal issue impacting the industry
  • You provide ASHA with the tools to promote our issues with key Members of Congress
  • You prevent costly and bureaucratic federal regulation
  • You establish trust and credibility on Capitol Hill

Please note: The content on this page with respect to Seniors Housing PAC is provided for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation by, or invitation to, contribute funds to the Seniors Housing PAC.